Although printing is our main area of business we also offer a wide range of other services.

  • Guillotine Trimming

    When your project has been printed, it may be sent to a guillotine to clamp and cut a crisp clean edge. Whether business cards, or a booklet - virtually all print jobs meet a guillotine. Using precise computer controlled settings, every printed item can be cut on exactly the crop marks that are put onto the design.

  • Forme Cutting

    If you need a curved edge or unusual shape such as a box, then you will require a cutting tool called a Forme which is made to your design. There is usually an initial setup cost for this, but the forme will then be available for whenever you wish to use it again.

  • Drilling

    Paper drills are similar to paper punches in that they are used to create holes in paper. However, they are much more powerful and are designed to drill holes in large stacks of paper. Paper drills can save a great deal of time over punching a few sheets at a time. They use special drill bits and can usually create holes with a diameter of up to about 2.5". In addition, many paper drills can drill several holes at one time such as this one opposite.

    The drill bits that are used are completely different in appearance to the drill bits for wood or steel, and create a hole with a perfectly smooth edge.

  • Perforating

    Perforation means to punch slits in a sheet of paper to ease in tearing along a specific line for whenever you require a tear of strip.

    This is a process by which paper sheeting is provided with very small, even invisible holes by passing the material between rollers or plates, one of which is equipped with closely spaced fine needles or by spark erosion.

  • Signage

    Indoor & Outdoor Signage including Light Boxes, Shopfitting, Office Signs, Vinyl, Boards & Aluminium signs & Signposts. Aluminium signs:

    With aluminium composite sign materials all kinds of stylish sign designs are possible- without the need for intrusive frameworks and casing being visible. Aluminium composite signs are made from a specially designed material which is lightweight, extremely strong and durable, which does not expand or contract in variable temperatures.

    Additionally these signs can be illuminated, letter shapes or logo designs can be cut out. To finish the illuminated sign, if required, Perspex letters can be fabricated to fit over the cut out's.

    Aluminium signage solutions are very cost effective.

    Frame Based Signs

    Sign frames allow you to have a professional looking sign at an affordable price. Whilst sign frames are a fairly old solution to shop signage they are still very popular as they can achieve a professional look on a limited budget.

    Sign frames are an aluminium extrusion cut like a picture frame- with 45 degree mitre joints at each corner. The extrusion used to make Sign frames is specially shaped with hidden internal ridges and rails. The purpose of a sign frame is to support and secure the display panels without fixing them directly to the building. If you screw a large, fairly thin set of plastic sign panels directly to a building they will ripple and bow. Sign frame based signs can be enhanced by using raised Perspex letters, 3D Perspex letters along with various lighting options.

    Flexible Faced Signage

    Flexible faces signage is the safest and most affordable way to create large signage and are used by all the leading UK retailers. Flexible faced signage is a safe system that uses no heavy plastic or metal panels- instead flexible faced signs use a specially designed soft plastic fabric for the display surface. A flexibly faced sign will allow you to have a very long sign with no visible joins.

    Directional Signage

    Directional Signage Systems that allow you to create individual signs in a range of sizes and configurations. By using the same component "theme" throughout it is possible to create an entire signing system that carries you brand identity smoothly around the entire location. You can use these component based signs to create freestanding and wall mounted signage, you can incorporate lighting and secure, weatherproof poster displays into your overall signing scheme. C-Fix Fingerpole System:

    Attractive modular sign system for exterior and interior locations. Used for directional identification or information purposes. Optional caps or round/rectangle crown panels which are perfect for displaying additional information or advertising.

    Infopanel Signs

    The Infopanel system provides a fast and simple method of creating either pole, post or wall mounted exterior directories. Infopanels are made from hollow aluminium extrusions and are available in the following depths: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. Two signpole 80 poles complete the sign. As an alternative there is a selection of posts available with and without ribbed or plain corners. Colours of the poles and panels can be matched to your own requirements. Vinyl logo's and lettering complete the sign.

    Magnetic Signs

    Magnetic signs are becoming a fashionable and increasingly popular alternative of vehicle advertising. This provides the flexibility to display or remove your advertising as you would like it.

    All Magnetic Car Signs are produced using highest quality 0.85mm Gloss Magnetic Sheeting and stick to any flat ferrous metallic surfaces and the face can be printed in high quality, ultra bright, vinyl graphics in full colour for maximizing promotional and advertising opportunities.

    Most magnetic vehicle signs are 24" x 12" (610mm x 305mm) as this size fits on most car and van doors, however, we can make any size magnetic sign, to suit your requirements. They also have rounded corners to eliminate any chance of detaching from the vehicle

  • Vehicle Wraps

    Vehicle wraps have a unique combination of printable self adhesive film and clear laminate to provide an excellent cast vehicle wrap with excellent properties. The sturdy material also provides protection from everyday hazards on the road including stone chips, chemicals, scratches, UV and car washes. The material can be removed easily without the need for expensive re-spraying.

  • Vehicle Livery

    At Ocean Colour Print we offer high impact company branding that goes wherever you go.

    Our vehicle graphics are message advertising on the move. From a simple logo to a fully-wrapped vehicle, we provide cost effective marketing to keep your company in the public eye. Research shows that 3000 people an hour will see branded vehicles on the roads, making vehicle graphics more powerful than press advertising.

    We are able to undertake a simple one off logo application or we can accommodate a whole fleet of vehicles. Vehicles include: cars, vans, taxis, trucks, lorries and even aeroplanes! We use both vinyl graphics and a full colour imaging system with permanent foil based colours - we guarantee against colour fade and shrinkage for up to 10 years.