Corporate Literature is your company's marketing tools, it provides information about your company, services and what you offer as a business.

  • Brochures

    • Are substantial, and have staying power. They give dimension and weight to anything
      you say about your company and capabilities.
    • Can demonstrate a Company's most valuable asset - its intellectual capital.
    • Catalogue and describe a Company's capabilities, facilities, expertise and point of view
    • Can supply valuable information and have an impact at the same time.
    • Give visual dimension to a company. A well-designed, attractive publication implies a
      well-run, efficient organization.
    Brochure Printing

    When we print your brochure we care as much as you do. Printing brochures is what we do best and many of our satisfied customers will agree.

    We offer our clients the very best quality in print, good lead times and very competitive pricing.

    Brochure Design and Layout

    Good design works. Many clients now design their own brochures. However, for that special brochure we offer a bespoke design service that will give your printed literature that all important impact! A good corporate brochure is not only a silent salesman, it can shout from the hilltops if that is what you want.

    Corporate Brochures with WOW Factor

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression! The printing process can be further enhanced with specialist finishing options such as matt or gloss lamination, spot UV, machine sealant, foil blocking, die cutting or embossing to give it that look of top quality. These print finishing options add to the overall cost but the special effects can make a good corporate printed brochure look fantastic. The uplift ensures that your organisation will be perceived as leaders in their chosen field.


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  • Folders

    Folders are the perfect solution for presenting your promotional materials in style. Folders are a polished and practical way to organize business proposals, press kits, company or product literature, conference handouts and much more.

    Most folders are printed in 4 colour process and like our Brochures, these are a speciality of ours and also need to make that all important impact, therefore quality is paramount!

    Usually Folders are A4 or oversized A4, but we can accommodate any shape or size that you require with a varied range of finishing options.

    All folder designs can be specified as Gusseted or Ungusseted. Ungusseted folders are perfect for holding the equivalent of around 10 80gm sheets of paper. If substantially more inserts are proposed then gusseted folders are recommended. Most Folders include flaps which your printed material is inserted into, these flaps can be of any bespoke design and also include Business Card slots, this may add to the overall cost but the special effects can make a good corporate printed Folder look fantastic. Folders are usually supplied flat with interlocking pockets for easy assembly or applied with double sided tape at time of use. Alternatively they can be supplied fully assembled if preferred. Please Note: Assembled folders are very bulky. We may have to revise our carriage cost to reflect volume rather than weight.

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  • Newsletters

    The Newsletter is a communications tool and is used to circulate information to the readers. It keeps the readers informed of all planned activities and functions. It is used to inform, announce, remind, advise, instruct and advertise. It can also be used to highlight long or short range plans, financial status, and other business activities. The Newsletter should also contain a schedule of future events.

    A Newsletter is essential to successful Business. They come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and content. The Newsletter is a "picture" of the organization and reflects on the organization's operations.

    Ocean Colour Print, realise the importance of a Newsletter and how urgent these usually are. We can accommodate any style or design and we make sure the quality of the print is maintained at a high standard throughout within very tight deadlines.

    As an added bonus, we are able to offer you the whole package by providing Mailing Solutions for your Newsletters (or any other campaign) to be mailed out.

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  • Catalogues & Magazines

    We realise that Catalogues & Magazines are extremely powerful marketing tools that can be used to help businesses stay competitive, promote loyalty and improve your brand. We can help you accomplish this and much more.

    Catalogues & Magazine Printing

    Our high quality printing will help you improve your business development and assist you with your marketing needs. Successful Catalogues & Magazines require an eye catching design, the right paper or stock type, and a printing facility that has the right equipment and highly trained work force to successfully handle your printing requirements.

    Catalogue & Magazine printing is considered to be a highly effective form of communication. Full colour printing helps businesses stay competitive by breaking information out of the communication clutter. It also helps a company's image by creating a lasting impression on the minds of customers and prospects.

    Full colour printing produces images that show quality resolution on a wide range of media including regular paper, glossy paper, transparencies and card stock. Black and white printing was once significantly more affordable than full colour or "4 colour" printing, but today, with improved technology, 4 colour printing is seen as more efficient in many instances.

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