Why should I order from your company?
Because we are Fantastic! But not only that, we pride ourselves on service, we are prepared to go the extra mile for our customers - no matter how big or small. We are a family company and really friendly, yet highly professional, we offer a high standard of quality and really good turnaround times. I'm not really ready to order, but would still like a quotation for future use. Will I have your sales team pestering me once you have my details? Definitely not! We are a professional company and will only contact you when requested.

I am after a bespoke job.. can you quote?
Of course, its our speciality!

How do I supply artwork and what is print ready?
We accept CD, DVD, email etc. Please see our Supplying Artwork page for further information.

When will I receive my invoice and what are your payment terms?
Your should receive your invoice within a week from delivery and payment is due 30 days from the date of invoice, for account holders only. All new customers are required to pay upon delivery.

Can you differentiate what print is subject to VAT and what is not?
As a guide all items that are listed below are VAT Exempt:

  • Books
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Directories
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Newspapers
  • Pamphlets
  • Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Maps, charts & topographical plans
  • Childrens books

For further up-to-date information, please visit www.hmce.gov.uk

Is it more difficult dealing with a company so far away from us?
Not at all! We have been successfully trading with companies across the country for many years. Of course some jobs, due to their tricky nature, need to be dealt with personally which can be arranged if necessary but in general most work can be proofed via fax, email, post etc. Deliveries are even easier as we use a next day courier service.

We have multiple offices around the country. Can you help?
Yes, definitely! In fact we specialise in taking away a lot of the work that is often left to one person who needs to order stationery for multiple offices. This is especially relevant with business cards, where people in larger organisations come and go on a frequent basis. If necessary, we can proof directly to the office concerned or even to the person who needs the cards. Buying from one source can often save a company a lot of money. We can send out the deliveries separately directly to the offices concerned so all the offices have the same items on the same next day.

Is delivery really free or are there any hidden costs that are not published?
All quoted prices include delivery to your premises. We would only charge for delivery if the order is split across different locations. There are no hidden costs involved. Once we have established the artwork/design cost then a full quote will be emailed to you.

How do I re-order a previous job?
In order to re-print a previous job please contact us, we are able to look up your record very quickly, but It would help if you let us have (if known) either the previous job, estimate or Invoice number - just to be sure we are talking about the same job. Also advise us at this stage your required quantity and if there needs to be any changes.

How do I know that the quality of your goods comes up to my standard?
Naturally, this is a worry when dealing with a company you don't know. To help you overcome this worry we can send you samples of our work and also assure you that nothing leaves our premises unless we are totally happy ourselves with the finished job. We have an extremely experienced team here and pride ourselves on quality, service & reliability.