From Business Cards to numbered & perforated NCR Invoice pads, we can offer you everything you need for your Business Stationery. Whatever the size and spec we will be happy to accommodate you.


  • Business Cards

    Everyone knows that a Business Card is your company's 1st impression and it has to be just right! It needs to be of the highest quality to reflect your company.

    Ocean Colour Print clearly understands the importance of the first impression and we put all our efforts into making sure your business card is printed and finished to the highest possible standard. We realise no matter how small the job, it is one of the most important ones.

    We offer an excellent quality business card stock that is firm and feels good to hand over. Standard Business Cards are usually 55 x 85mm printed on a 335gsm Smooth Ivory Board.

    If you require a different size, stock, unusual shape or finishing option, we would be happy to accommodate you.

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  • Compliment Slips

    Again the Compliment Slip is another company staple, we would recommend printing these to match the Letterheads. I.e. Similar layout, colours and material.

    Usually a Compliment Slip is 99 x 210mm, it is used when you wish to identify your company to others without the need for typing a formal letter. It will fit easily into a DL envelope. If you require a different shape or size we would be happy to accommodate you. Feel free to send us the specification and we can price accordingly.

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  • Letterheads

    Letterheads are a company's staple and are just as important as any other printed material. This is what people will see on a regular basis and will identify your company by your letterhead. Most Letterheads are printed onto a Laser Guaranteed paper. This is important because most letterheads will need to be overprinted by laser and inkjet desktop printers.

    We can offer you a wide variety of quality Laser Guaranteed papers, in varied colours of creams and whites with watermarks and various textures too. Please feel free to ask for some samples.

    Ocean Colour Print can offer you the best quality in print whether you require full colour or even just a single colour design. Coloured paper is achieved by printing the entire area of the page.

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  • Envelopes

    We feel that envelopes are a great part of Company Branding, it raises awareness, looks very professional to the receiver and ties in with all your other stationery. We believe presentation is everything!

    Standard envelopes are usually DL, C6, C5 & C4, we can supply these with or without a window and are able to print on the front, back & flap.

    If you require an unusual style envelope, we are able to source almost any size or colour. If you require something that cannot be sourced, we are able to print the design and make up to your specified size/shape, let us know the specification and we can price accordingly.

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  • Memo & Telephone Pads

    These are quite handy to have around at the office and to give out as freebies to your customers as a bit of free useful advertising.

    • We can accommodate any size or spec that you may require.

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  • Invoice / Delivery / NCR Pads

    NCR (No Carbon Required) duplicating sets are one of our particular specialities. They are the quick and simple solution when several copies of a document are required. The range of applications is endless, from Delivery Notes to Restaurant Order Pads or Sales Invoices. An NCR set consists of at least two sheets. They rely on pressure to transfer an image from the top to subsequent sheets. They can be used with a ball point pen or using an impact printer such as a Dot Matrix or Daisy Wheel.

    • The amount of pressure required to form an adequate copy on the bottom sheet increases with the number of sheets in the set. For this reason sets should not normally be more than five sheets.
    • Sheets are available in the following colours:- Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow and White.
    • A grey board bottom sheet can be specified if required. This is particularly useful in applications where loose sets are needed but flat surfaces for writing are difficult to find!
    • NCR sets can be supplied ready to use as loose individual sets or can be made in to pads if required.
    • Please note: NCR sets do not work with Ink Jet or Laser Printers.

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