At Ocean Colour Print we feel it is our duty to do as much as we can to limit the damage to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are constantly striving for a carbon neutral status and below are a few key areas that we have improved upon.

  • Paper
    All of the paper used by Ocean Colour Print is 100% Chlorine Free and the pulp, used in its production, is sourced from well managed wood sustainable forests. (This means for every tree that is felled a new one is planted).On top of this, all paper waste and off-cuts are collected once a week to be recycled. Most of our paper product range carries the FSC accreditation. Please ask for details.
  • Ink
    Ocean Colour Print use vegetable based inks and not the oil based variety, which is more harmful to the environment.
  • Plates
    All of the scrap, old and unusable printing plates are recycled four times a year by a local recycling centre. We are told that one of their biggest customers buying scrap metal is Volkswagen!

Ocean Colour Print is also registered with the Environment Agency as a responsible disposer of waste materials.

So as you can see, another great reason to use Ocean Colour Print!